Dennis Prager 20220922 – 2 Back in the Day

Dennis remembers how much freedom he had as a teen and how much freedom we have lost… The US has become a net exporter of bad ideas for the first time in its history…

Dennis Prager 20220922 – 1 Another Mutilating Hospital

Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire exposes another hospital that mutilates children under the guise of “gender-affirming care.” Is there a children hospital in a major city that doesn’t engage in this form mutilation?… Why is it important that there are only two sexes?

Dennis Prager 20220921 – 3 Energy Suicide

The United States and Western Europe are in the process of committing energy suicide. Meanwhile, China powers up on coal. Not surprisingly, California is leading the nation over the cliff.

Dennis Prager 20220921 – 1 No Diesel Trucks

California plans to ban diesel trucks by 2040. All vehicles — cars and trucks — will have to be electric… The Los Angeles school district thinks that criticism of junk food is racist… The same Los Angeles school district promotes a “queer” calendar. Each month has a LGBTQI+ theme.

Dennis Prager 20220920 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Egalitarianism

The pursuit of equality of outcomes — egalitarianism — always leads to violence. More people have been murdered in the name of equality than anything else. We can see this in the difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution.

Dennis Prager 20220920 – 2 Return to the 70’s?

New York City is sliding into serious debt as people flee the city. The NY Times blames the “pandemic,” but if that was the cause why is Miami prospering? NYC is failing because of crime, the lockdowns and its socialist policies.

Dennis Prager 20220920 – 1 Transing the Kids

According to a NYTimes poll, 70% of people oppose teaching kids about sexual orientation and gender identity. So, why is this happening? Because the Left controls education… Antarctica is not melting away. It’s as icy as it ever was. All media stories to the contrary are fear-mongering.

Dennis Prager 20220919 – 3 Because You’re In It

The Young Turks podcast attacks Dennis again. He’s becoming an unscheduled feature on the popular left-wing show. This time they go after his comment that the world is not necessarily better because “you’re in it.” This is now a popular classroom poster.

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