Dennis Prager 20220914 – 1 What Will Happen?

To have wisdom you need to ask what will happen if I do this or that? What are the consequences? How many politicians do that? Almost none if they’re Democrats… Dennis talks to Will Witt, editor-in-chief of the Florida Standard. His new PragerU video is “Who Cares about Illegal Immigration?”

Dennis Prager 20220913 – 2 One More Race Hoax

Another race hoax and once again the media swallowed it whole. This one involves a Duke female volleyball player who accused her opponents, the volleyball team of Brigham Young U. of harassing her with racist taunts. She made it up.

Dennis Prager 20220913 – 1 Ukraine Advances

Ukrainian forces have pushed the Russian Army out a good chunk of northeastern Ukraine. Will Putin now give up on his ambitions to annex the country. Not likely. More likely: the war will drag on. For his own survival, Putin can’t lose… He who has the energy wins. China is going all out for coal and laughing as the US and Western Europe commit energy suicide.

Dennis Prager 20220912 – 3 More Young Turks

Dennis continues to deconstruct the Young Turks attack on his ideas… Dennis talks to Rabbi Cary Kozberg, Temple Shalom, Springfield, Ohio. Rabbi Kozberg is a rare Reform rabbi who holds conservative views.

Dennis Prager 20220912 – 2 The British Empire

The British Empire was a major plus for humanity… The Young Turks resume their attack on Dennis. Of course, they distort almost everything he says. The subject is how nice people can participate in bad causes…

Dennis Prager 20220909 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: can wisdom be taught; what’s the most important thing you must do if you want to communicate effectively; would Dennis ever consider writing a Rational Bible commentary on the New Testament.

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