Dennis Prager 20220712 – 2 Feeding Your Baby

Is breast feeding the best option for every woman and every child? The social pressure for women to breast feed is overwhelming… Another fake news story: a ten-year old girl was raped in Ohio and forced to go to Indiana to get an abortion.

Dennis Prager 20220712 – 1 Sri Lanka

Do you want to know what happens when third world countries follow “green” policies? Sri Lanka is the latest example. Food shortages, runaway inflation, and now civil unrest. Lockdowns have made things even worse… Dennis talks to Taylor Silverman, female skateboarder who has stood up against the transgender takeover of her sport.

Dennis Prager 20220711 – 3 We’ll Be Back

Dennis talks to Kurt Schlichter, senior columnist for His new book is We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America… The Washington Post predicts that a new Covid pandemic is looming (maybe). Get ready for more masks and a new booster.

Dennis Prager 20220711 – 2 Turn Back the Clock

The worst thing you can say to a leftist is that there was wisdom in the past worth preserving. “Turning back the clock” is a big insult coming from the left… A new theme of the Left: dump the Constitution and start over with a new one…

Dennis Prager 20220711 – 1 Meaning from Destruction

Many people, sadly, only get meaning by destroying what is good. It also brings them excitement… New footage reveals that the bodega owner who killed a man who threatened his life tried to defuse the situation before the deadly fight. Why haven’t the charges against him been dismissed?…

Dennis Prager 20220708 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: Jewish Law now saying that abortion is okay; I was cancelled as a professor because I showed comedy clips and people thought it was a hostile environment; What book of yours would you recommend to give to neighbors who won’t talk to anyone; Your Genesis book verse 128 taught me to handle the virus; What type of camera do you use; I converted my leftist’s daughter-in-law to conservatism.

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