Dennis Prager 20220705 – 1 Highland Park Horror

Another hideous massacre took place this weekend. This time in Highland Park, Illinois a prosperous suburb north of Chicago. The twenty-two-year-old killer is sick, twisted, warped soul. Early reports have described him as a “stoner.”…The Left has a very hard time celebrating Independence Day…

Dennis Prager 20210704 – 2 Thank You, America, Part 2

Immigrants from different countries call in to wish America happy birthday in their native language… Dennis continues his discussion of America. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast July 4, 2012.

Dennis Prager 20220701 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: I am a Mormon and my church embraced all the lockdowns and vaccinations… caused him hardships; Schools are so bad; how can he encourage his kids to study hard; Do you know if women are saving themselves before marriage in regards with dating; I am a conservative Jew and the Jewish people here don’t want anything to do with me; I am a Jew and wants to become a Catholic Priest; Mormons gave millions to President Biden’s election even though they are against abortions!

Dennis Prager 20220701 – 1 Tragic Testimony

House Dems Embrace Transgender Bill of Rights Do they think this is a winning issue? Michigan AG: A Drag Queen in Every School This story is two weeks old now, but still worth knowing. An incredibly courageous 17-year-old who testified today in Sacramento against the so-called “Gender-affirming health care” S.B. 107, absolutely everyone needs to hear her story of de-transitioning. What must her parents think now?

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